MY PRESIDENT MATTRESS is one of the biggest investment for 2017, as most of the BTO and CONDO is releasing at a very fast pace

MY DIGITAL LOCK OEM, all the mattress from 5 star hotel to bring the best mattress at factory price for you

The mattress was carefully choose by the founder of MY DIGITAL LOCK, and bundle with our customize bed frame

As we venture into renovation and interior design, we make sure we have a core product for customer to trust us

This is our inhouse brand, the quality is assured and we have photos of the 5 star hotel that used our mattress as proof

#1 Best Selling Digital Lock in JAPAN, 100% Made in Korea

EPIC Digital Lock, is Modern, Slim and Easy to Use


My Digital Lock Specialise in EPIC, Gateman, HIONE and Samsung Digital Lock in Singapore

All HDB Fire Rated Main Door and HDB Mild Steel Gate are customize to install digital door lock cater to different demand

In 2017, MY DIGITAL LOCK have bring in 5 Star Hotel Mattress and provide Renovation and interior Design Services to provide a one stop solution for all BTO HDB and Condo Customers

2_Japan Best Selling Economic Digital Lock

MY Digital Lock is encouraging all HDB owners to try out EPIC Digital Door Lock, The Japan Best Selling Digital Door Lock, (100% made in Korea )

After trying out the economic digital door lock, you can trade in to receive $100 discount on other Korea Rim Door Lock, Such as EPIC POPSCAN, Gateman Z10 and Samsung Digital Door Lock

After you get use to the digital Door lock, then you can consider an upgrade to your preferred model

Note: Door closer is a requirement to prevent heavy door slam and 4 energizer battery to prevent battery leakage, which will enhance the life span of the digital lock

EPIC Gate Digital Door Lock is one of MY DIGITAL LOCK, Best-selling Korea Digital Door Lock for HDB FIRE Rated Door and HDB Gate in Singapore

EPIC Digital Door lock can program up to 5 remote controllers and when you press one remote, it can unlock for both door and gate

The Key Chain Remote is handy for elderly and convenient to bring around in your home or bring it out with you

EPIC Digital Door Lock is the best-selling digital lock in JAPAN, and most Asia love the metallic Gun Black for this digital door lock

4_premium package

Last Year, Our best-selling digital Door Lock will be the Samsung Push Pull P728 Digital Door Lock,

However, most of the consumers still prefer something that is more affordable and simple looking

EPIC Digital Door Lock, will be a perfect choice, as it is one of the slimmest fingerprint digital Door lock for all HDB Fire Rated Door

Almost all types of door, we can install EPIC Digital Door Lock

This is one of the best selling digital Door lock promotion for MY DIGITAL LOCK, as most people love the sleek design for EPIC popscan and EPIC 8000L Matt black limited edition door lock for their HDB main door in Singapore

Luxurious Package

Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Door Lock is in fact the best-selling digital door lock in Singapore

However, HIONE is the latest Korea Push Pull Digital door Lock with air touch fingerprint sensor which response faster and more accurate

HIONE Push Pull Digital door lock is different from Samsung Push Pull Door Lock due to the type of lockset; the HIONE is using the Singapore mortise which will prevent from get lock inside due to door alightment issue

HIONE Digital Door Lock and Samsung PUSH PULL Digital Door Lock are both currently available at MY DIGITAL LOCK, Order Now and We can install for your HDB Door and Gate Today

Lastly, HIONE Digital Door Lock have 1 year additional parts warranty than Samsung Push Pull Digital Door Lock,  So compare and consider =)

5_Unlock Your Digital Lock Using 4G Smart Phone (1)

Internet Digital Door Lock is one of the latest digital Door lock in Singapore

Using WE CHAT, you can take photo to see who’s outside your door

Unlock using your 4G Mobile Phone when you are away from your house

Lastly, it comes with time zone and time attendance to track and monitor your visitors

Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Door Lock with Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Door Lock is one of the best seller for all HDB Door and Gate in Singapore

However, MY DIGITAL LOCK carries HIONE PUSH PULL Digital Door Lock which is similar to Samsung Push Pull Digital Door Lock with Additional Year Warranty

Gateman F10 and z10 Digital Door Lock, both comes with hook lock which is suitable for any types of swing and sliding door in Singapore

7_Economic HDB Door & Gate Promotion

Samsung Digital Door Lock for HDB Door and Gate at MY DIGITAL LOCK

We customize interior design HDB Main Door, be it solid or fire rated, we aim to produce the nicest design door for you to choose

Samsung Gate Digital Door Lock, SHS 2621 are all been installed by MY DIGITAL LOCK, we are the authorise dealer in Singapore to install all the Samsung Gate Lock in Singapore


EPIC Gate Digital Lock and EPIC 809L card Mortise Digital Door Lock can unlock using one remote control

As the distributor of EPIC, we will design your door and gate to be like the Japanese style as EPIC Digital Door Lock is one of the best-selling digital lock in Japan

Therefore, when you purchase our digital lock, we will use more effort and passion to design your HDB Fire Rated Door and HDB gate to become the most outstanding project in your neighbourhood

9_Premium HDB Door and Gate Promotion

HIONE Push Pull Digital Door Lock is the best replacement for Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Door Lock in Singapore for all HDB Door and Gate

The latest fingerprint Air touch and the Singapore lockset is the main reason people choose to purchase this digital Door lock

Also with the latest Gateman Z10 Gate Digital Door Lock, customize onto our HDB Mild Steel Gate,

The whole project will look outstanding with HIONE Digital Door Lock and Gateman Digital Door Lock in Singapore

10_Luxurious HDB Door and Gate promotion

Samsung P728 Push Pull Digital Door Lock is the most popular digital lock for all HDB Door and Gate in Singapore

Samsung Digital Door Lock have been popular in Singapore for 6 years

Every Customer whom love this brand will want to own one digital lock for their HDB Fire rated door and HDB gate in Singapore


My Digital Lock have been a dealer for Yale Digital Door Lock and Samsung Digital Door lock since 2012, at that time, most of the digital lock were not invented

The Founder of the company, is the first to develop the gate digital Door lock in Singapore

Despite all the effort put in to innovate this industry, our contribution were been neglect and forgotten

Therefore, in 2017, we finally became a distributor on our own, and hence we can innovate and customize all the digital door lock that cater your needs

We are developing a series of new digital door lock that is suitable for Singapore market and create the most outstanding door and gate to build our branding

Along the way, the process might be tough, but I believe, we can find the right group of people to operate this company

Training will be provided for sale, operation coordinator and installers, to ensure you receive the best digital lock in Singapore

Thanks for the support for many years, which allow us to gain more capital to grow this company to become the number 1 digital lock company in Singapore

In 2017, we hope to develop new digital lock to compete against Yale and Samsung, to become the leading digital lock company.