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Curtain and Blind

My Digital Lock, curtain and blind department was operated by my uncle, Sam, whom has 20 years of experience in selling curtain and blind

Sam, is professional and experience to recommend you the right curtain or blind to match your new home

On top of that, we sell window, invisible grill and window grill to match our curtain and blind

Curtain for BTO / Resale / Condo

Curtain Promotion

NOTE: This is the Market Rate: For the most basic materials, for better quality fabric price may be different

Therefore you may visit our showroom to understand what is happening outside the market and compare

UP to 98% Dimout Premium Quality Material

BTO Condo:

2 Bedroom Type – $680

3 Bedroom Type – $880

4 Bedroom Type – $1080


3 Room Flat $680

4 Room Flat $880

5 Room Flat $1080

*Free Day Curtain for living Room worth $150  to 200*

Blinds Promotion

Roller Blind $5PSF

Roller Blind, is the most basic blind that helps to block out the sunlight, the cheaper one is for dim-out and better qualities one do have fully blackout function

PVC Venetian Blind- $8PSF

PVC Venetian Blind is usually used for toilet and room which do not have direct sunshine, as it is made of plastic

Timber Venetian Blind-$9 PSF

Timber Venetian Blind is normally used for living room or bedroom because it can withstand heavy sunshine without crack. The different colour of straps and blind will make a difference

99% Blockout Korean Blind -$8PSF

The Korean Blind which is also called the rainbow blind and zebra blind

The China version Korea blind mechanism is not that smooth compare to the original ones and also the coverage of the thickness of the shade is different.

Visit our showroom to see the difference

These are the projects we have completed under our portfolios

BTO HDB completed with golden night curtain to match the Victorian Style, in 2016

Day and Night Curtain, in premium brown finishing matching the bedroom with walnut theme

Modern Condo with silver night curtain to match with a light day curtain, sam do provide consultation for the living layout and our interior designer piong, with 10 years of experience in interior design will assist you

20 years of experience in curtain and blind in Singapore, Sam have completed outstanding curtain project for many high end customers , including luxurious condo

Dim-out curtain to match modern, black and white design for a Condo in Singapore

PVC Venetian Blind for HDB, which is used for a guest room

This black and white design is very common across the renovation trade in 2016

Another PVC Venetian Blind for HDB, which is used for living room, where children can enjoy this smoothing environment

Luxurious Day and night curtain with cosy feel for one of the EC in 2016

Wooden Blind that is used to blockoff the sunlight to keep your bedroom dark and cosy for HDB in Singapore

Roller Blind with blackout function is also highly encourage for most of the Bedroom in Singapore

Wooden Blind that is used to blockoff the sunlight to keep your living room dark and cosy for HDB in Singapore

Dim-out blind allow partially sunshine to penetrate into your living room

Vertical Blind that is rarely used nowadays

Dim out curtain for bedroom for HDB in Singapore – grey- white

Kids room needs cute curtain to bring out the lively feel to warm every kids heart, only Sam can do it =)

We do have wallpaper to match our blinds, visit our showroom to view today

Roller blind that is dim out is suitable for every bedroom

We will choose the right blind to match your house renovation

Both our designer and curtains manager have up to 10 years of experience to give you quality standard

One of the curtain we installed in the early days

Modern day and night curtain that matches the latest trend for HDB

The Original Korea blind that all BTO HDB is looking for

Black out and dim out blind is also available in our showroom